Having a family pet is a big commitment! Knowing more about the breed you wish to purchase is essential to taking good care of your new sweet pup! Check out our FAQs below for more information!

What is a Golden doodle?
The Golden doodle is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle, which originated in North America in the 1990's. The Poodle and Retriever are both hunters and water dogs and love to run, swim, fetch and play! Golden doodles have a soft wavy coat, with some being short and curly and some having a long shaggy coat. All Golden doodles are unique and can come in many colors.

What do you mean by F1 or F2 Golden doodles?
The first generation F1 Golden doodle was the first to be bred and is the product of a Standard Poodle crossed with a Golden Retriever. Most first generation golden doodles shed lightly and are compatible for most families with mild allergies.

A Crossback F1b Golden doodle is crossing an F1 Golden doodle with a Poodle. These dogs will have a higher success rate for non-shedding, and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies.

A few breeders are breeding second generation F2 Golden doodle which are Golden doodle crossed with another Golden doodle.

What is a miniature Golden Doodle?

The F1b mini Golden doodle is when a standard size Golden doodle is bred back with a minipoodle. The size can vary anywhere between 25-45 lbs. depending on the size of the Golden doodle.

What is the temperament like?

Golden doodles are an intelligent and obedient family companion. The obedience and love of the Golden Retriever and the intelligence of the Poodle make them the perfect companion. They are everybody's friend and devoted to their family. They are great with children, other dogs and pets, as well with strangers. They are social dogs happiest when with people. Their love, intelligence and the eager to please, make them very easy to train!

Are they healthy?

Golden doodles are generally very healthy. They seem to take the best of both breeds and are stronger than their parent breeds. Make sure the parents are of a healthy stock. Some can be prone to genetic problems. The average life expectancy is around 15 years. Of course, as with any pet, you should have regular check ups with your veterinarian, and keep up to date with their shots and any heartworm prevention and flea and tick protection and worming for intestinal parasites.

At Bella's Golden Doodles our moms and dads are screened for eye, heart and hip issues to rule out any problems in these areas. You will also receive a vet's health report at purchase, but will have 72 hours to get your pup checked by your own vet if you wish (see Pricing and Contract information for more details).

How do I groom them?

Golden doodles need regular grooming and coat care but the maintenance is minimal. For short to medium length coats, you will need very little care. Regular washings and brushings will do just fine. If you have a Golden doodle with a longer, curlier coat like a poodle, it may require more grooming care. Many owners enjoy styling the coat of their longer haired Golden doodles and if properly cared for, the hair can grow all the way to the ground. Regardless of which type you have, the hair around the eyes and the genitals should be neatly clipped and regular brushing will keep the coat shiny.

What about puppy care?

Puppies require lots of love and care, almost like a new baby! When you purchase from Bella's Golden Doodles, know that your puppy is being socialized and house-trained as he or she grows! Your puppy will still need some training and of COURSE, love and support from you!

I recommend a positive puppy obedience class for your whole family to teach puppy and also teach you how to have a great experience with your puppy. Your puppy should be kept in the home with the new family, not outside without the attention they must have to be healthy and happy. Socialized and well-trained puppies will have relatively good behavior through life!

I also recommend crate-training for your puppy, mostly for his/her safety and comfort! Remember, dogs are den and pack animals and thrive when they have a special cozy place, like a crate, of their own. They also do much better when their "pack leader", you, establish rules and boundaries, all of which you can work on in puppy obedience classes!

It may sound daunting, but the love and companionship a Golden doodle brings is worth the hard work you put in when they're puppies! Just look at our client reviews!

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