Bella's Golden Doodles and Retrievers

Bella's Golden Doodles Kennel located in Goochland County, Virginia. Our eight plus acre site is a perfect setting for raising our pups.

We have three standard poodles and three golden retrievers. Bella, Izzy and Abraham are our standard poodles. Buck, Dew and Cricket are our golden retrievers.

Doodle Bug is a new addition, a golden doodle female. She will produce our first litters of f1b pups.

All our males and females are screened for all over health but especially the eyes, heart and hips. They are cleared before they are okay-ed for breeding. Our pets are housed in a cozy kennel with large runs attached for exercise. Our pets are groomed and worked with for obedience training and are so sweet.

I have posted pictures of some puppies that have gone into their forever homes. My forever families love their furry new family members..